Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review of Exoshield Head Guard

With the rise of awareness in head injuries for sports more protective gear has been worn by players in sports such as soccer or field hockey. If you're looking for a great product for head protection check out the Exoshield Head Guard created by Storelli. It's said to be the most protective head guard in the market. You may have seen professional soccer players such as Manchester United's Wayne Rooney use the product in the past. Many athletes use the extra protection after coming back from a head injury and many have seen benefits from it. The head guard is great for protection from cuts and bruises and the padding helps to absorb some of the impact of the ball.

Overall the product is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. When you first put it on, it may feel a little tight but it will stretch out and feel comfortable. Although it shouldn't be loose enough to slip off. Make sure to measure your head so you can get the correct size.

Once you have it on, it feels very light to wear. You almost forget you're wearing it. In the front there is enough padding to absorb the force of an impact such as heading a ball, but it's not too bulky to the point that it interferes with your accuracy. So don't worry about it hindering your game performance once you get used to it. In the back there is extra padding as you are more likely to make contact in those areas with the ground or other players.

The headgear was also well made with top quality materials such as viscoelastic protective foams which are also used in military combat helmets. The fabric also does a good job of wicking away sweat yet it doesn't smell bad after a long day of use.

If you're an athlete looking for some extra padding and protection I recommend trying out the Storelli Exoshield Head Guard, you wont be dissapointed.

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  1. As a soccer player, I think that this is very useful for me. It it is nice to have a reliable source who has used this product to give me advice on whether I should buy it or not. I didn't know there was full cushion around the band made with same material from military helmets. This blog is very interesting and I am excited to read more blogs in the future!

  2. As a sports player I am always looking for protective gear to make sure that I am well equipped with all the accessories just in case of an injury. It is nice to know someone who has tried this product out in case I have to use it one day. I am going to keep this product in mind in case I ever suffer an head injury. I am excited to keep reading more of your blog posts!

  3. I think this equipment is a great addition to sports wear. As a catcher in softball, i understand the importance in protective head gear. I have had about 4 or 5 concussions and i suffer greatly from it. I have minor brain damage from my last concussion that makes it very difficult for me to read, write, and speak without a speech impediment. I have to focus really hard to be able to talk normal, let alone just walk in a straight line. Had i known about the damage that could be done before my first concussion, i definitely would have invested in better head gear.